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In our industry, claims professionals and experts are often faced with adverse or dangerous conditions when servicing the needs of their clients. The most common feedback we’re hearing from clients right now is that they are considering the reduction or elimination of employee travel and are planning for remote worker support. As we all know, claims will continue to happen even when a hurricane is in sight, or in this case, a pandemic affects global health. In response, we’re making our experts and engineers available for Remote Site Pre-Inspections.

If you or your staff are unable to travel

If you cannot get to a loss site due to travel restrictions but feel having a visual pre-inspection of the loss would be helpful in determining next steps and putting your clients at ease, Envista has a variety of technology applications we'd are willing to help you utilize.

From simple Skype or FaceTime calls with your policyholders to perform a virtual pre-assessment, to more involved joint discussions via webinar platform, our teams of experts and engineers can help you.

Should we have experts or engineers located in close proximity to any loss site, we can assist you by photographing or leveraging our 3D imaging technology to capture detailed property damage recordings which can be shared with multiple parties through a simple-to-access web application.

To learn more about our Remote Site Pre-Inspection Services, please contact our COVID-19 response team at covid19@envistaforensics.com or download our brochure.

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