COVID On-Site Investigation Process and Procedures

For the last several years, Envista has been at the cutting edge of leveraging today's leading technologies to enhance the client experience and create more value through our inspections. During these trying times, while the safety of our staff, clients, and their policyholders are top of mind, we are fortunate to already have established programs in place in order to offer a variety of inspection services based on our clients' needs.

While we can use certain technologies to reduce personal contact, there are only limited instances where we can fully replace an on-site inspection with remote technology. Therefore, although we do offer virtual or limited on-site and remote assist inspections, we also, through requirements and necessity, offer full on-site inspections with proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Why an On‐Site Inspection May Be Necessary

For our experts to meet critical licensing, Board of Engineering, and national standard requirements, we need to be on-site, and not doing so prevents our experts from upholding those standards. Some of those reasons include the possibility of potential criticism or opposing objections, not being allowed to follow the scientific method fully to seal reports, having to rely heavily on the policyholder for information or photos of an environment that may not be safe or fully illustrate the loss.

On-Site Process

Since some inspections simply do not lend themselves to remote inspections, we have hazmat-trained experts equipped with proper PPE (including fit‐tested respirators, when necessary), available to complete on-site inspections, so policyholders can allow access without fear of potential exposure. We can also utilize technology, such as 3D forensic imaging, to either inspect (if within the expert's discipline) or document the scene on behalf of an adjuster or for another expert on our staff.

Remote or Limited On-Site Inspections

If feasible, we can work with clients to do remote inspection services to gather details for low severity claims such as power surge assessments, lightning verification, limited building consultation evaluations. In certain areas, we also can use technology to scan a site and offer access to the forensic site scan analysis for cases such as scope and damage, liability or subrogation matters, and life safety issues. This technology will allow you to "walk the site" virtually, to view the property and floor plans.

While safety is our number one concern, we understand claims are still occurring every day. We are here to work with you as we get through COVID‐19 together. Please reach out if you have any questions on available inspections or investigations, or submit an assignment directly at project@envistaforensics.com.

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