News - LWG Consulting responds to massive flooding in Calgary, AB

LWG Consulting responds to massive flooding in Calgary, AB

July 24, 2013
Following massive flooding throughout the Calgary, AB area earlier this month, LWG deployed a team of engineers from our Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON offices to assist clients following the flooding and devastation. As the leading provider of engineering services to the global insurance market.

Insurers and loss adjusters rely on LWG experts to assist in the evaluation of damage and analysis of reinstatement options following large catastrophes in areas such as:
  • Building systems - HVAC, Elevators, Power distribution
  • Power systems - Transformers, substations, transmission and distribution
  • Manufacturing plants - CNC machines, conveyor systems, industrial
  • Medical facilities: Hospitals, surgeries, laboratory and analytical
  • Education: Universities, schools, libraries
Our team of global experts  includes electrical, mechanical, structural and fire experts trained and experienced in the handling of engineering analysis of flood damaged equipment and systems.

Should you need to speak with an engineer regarding a flood related matter, please contact Tim Christ at +1 800-326-5075.