Electrical Failure

The failure of an electrical system can have far-reaching effects, ranging from the interruption of service to a few, to the effective paralysis of an entire region of the country. LWG Consulting’s electrical failure experts are highly knowledgeable of electrical systems and the many problems that might occur with them. The expertise needed to uncover and evaluate facts related to the cause of failures and accidents is highly specialized. Our experts are particularly adept in electrical failure analysis of:

  • Commercial and Residential Power Distribution
  • Power Generation and Transmission Systems
  • Electro-mechanical machinery
  • HVAC Systems
  • Appliances
  • Control Systems

Rely on LWG Consulting for prompt answers to your questions regarding all types of electrical failure. Contact us at +1 (800) 326-5075 to speak with an engineer immediately.

*Specific services available vary from state to state depending on location and specific licensing requirements