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Chemical Professional Engineer (PE) PhD & Consultant in Spokane, Washington

Expert Specialties

 Nuclear Facilities



Environmental Effects


Industrial Processes

Professional Certifications

Professional Engineer (P.E.)

New Mexico

LWG Expert Advantage

  • Highly regarded NACE corrosion expert
  • Adjunct Faculty Member of the Chemical Engineering Department for Washington State University
  • Conceived of a method for analyzing impurities in motor oil for which an invention report was filed
  • Over 75 publications



Ph.D - Chemical Engineering
Oregon State University, Corvallis

B.S. Chemical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley 

Professional/Industry Education
Arctic Engineering, Univ. of British Columbia
Hazardous Waste Operator 24 hour Training for Supervisors with 8 hour Refreshers
Principles of Safety Evaluation for Managers


Legal & Insurance Claims Experience

  • Select materials for a proposed nuclear-waste treatment plant;
  • Evaluate cracking of stainless steel and corrosion of carbon steel in wood product process systems;
  • Services as an independent qualified registered professional engineer (IQRPE) for several Hanford nuclear waste tank farm piping systems during design and construction;
  • Evaluate the failure of bolts on valves on potable water lines
  • Evaluate welded, chlorination water treatment skids for West Valley Nuclear;
  • Participate in the oversight committee for the USDOE Rapid Commercialization Initiative;
  • Interface with Hanford and Washington State personnel on technology transfer;
  • Participate in a technical review of international waste storage at Idaho Falls National Engineering Laboratory as one of three nationally selected NACE corrosion experts;
  • Cathodic protection of fuel storage sites;
  • Conduct studies on chemical decontamination of nuclear reactor systems

  • Evaluate atmospheric corrosion in Alaska for the purpose of extending the database of the contiguous United States into the Cold Regions
  • Evaluate polymers for use at waste treatment and disposal sites;
  • Evaluate coated systems used at national waste treatment site;
  • Discover a method for analyzing impurities in motor oil

  • Develop the Acid Digestion Process for the reduction of combustible transuranic waste volumes;
  • Process acidic off-gasses to reduce their effective corrosiveness;
  • Advise on the development of methods of waste volume reduction, and preparation of Safety Analysis Reports;
  • Develop and implement an equipment inspection procedure for high temperature/pressure test equipment;
  • Advise on various environmental effects on materials including the testing of improved clothing materials exposed to surety agents

  • Conduct studies on and evaluation of aqueous corrosion in piping;
  • Participate in a corrosion study of welds, conducted at the Columbia Basin College welding department;
  • Oversight of corrosion design evaluations for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska;
  • Monitor corrosion and evaluation of the safety of Hanford nuclear waste storage tanks and underground waste sites;
  • Evaluate corrosion, including integrity assessments, of waste and chemical processing operations;
  • Review of corrosion failures and probable causes for legal action;
  • Conduct research into corrosion mechanisms and kinetics in high-temperature water.
  • Conduct Research into the effects of process parameters, including fluid hydraulics, heat flux, and radiation, on corrosion processes, corrosion product transport and deposition.
  • Assist in studies on the dissolution of uranium and plutonium oxides, corrosion processes in nonaqueous solvent systems, and the electrodeposition of coatings on thin wires.
  • Advise on invention reports and co-author a US patent.
  • Develop a research program on corrosion of grinding steel in the mining industry that included international participants;
  • Conduct studies on corrosion and the mass transport of corrosion products in aqueous systems;
  • consult on refinery corrosion;
  • Create a corrosion evaluation program on storage tank construction materials in simulated Hanford caustic waste mixtures and develop methods for in-tank corrosion monitoring;
  • Develop inert anodes and cathodes for aluminum production by chemical and metallurgical engineering methods and by electrode reaction mechanisms studies using ac/dc methods
  • Conduct & manage Corrosion Testing; High-temperature and High-pressure pH and Conductivity Sensor Development; Chemical Cleaning (Nuclear and Chemical Systems); Geothermal System Materials Monitoring; Hazardous Waste Barrier Development; DOE/Industry Technology Transfer; Operation of a 100-Unit Autoclave Facility; Basic Electrochemical Processes of Stress Corrosion Cracking; and Natural Gas Pipeline Corrosion;


Professional Certifications

Corrosion Specialist, NACE International

Registered with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

Registered with the USCIEP International Registry of Professional Engineers


Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society Member
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, AIChE Sr Member
American Water Works Association, AWWA Member
American Society for Testing & Materials, ASTM Member
ASM International Member
Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers Member
NACE International (The Corrosion Society) Fellow - Life Member
National Society of Professional Engineers, NSPE Lic. Member - Life
Society of Plastics Engineers, SPE Sr Member

  RL: JDI2010421

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GA-Atlanta, Military Automotive Industrial Expert
OH-Columbus, Automotive Tire Expert

MD- Baltimore, Aviation Expert/Electro-Mechanical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert

IA- Des Moines, Forensic Chemist 
IL-Chicago Chemical Engineer

NJ- Newark, Chemical Engineer
NY- Rochester, Chemical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Chemical Engineer


United States

AZ- Phoenix, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- Los Angeles, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil Engineer PE/ Corrosion Expert
CT- Hartford, Roofing Expert
FL- Tampa, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/ M.B.A
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Environmental Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer
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GA- Atlanta Civil/Structural PE Engineer
GA-Atlanta, Structural/Civil PE Engineer
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IN-Indianapolis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
Civil and Structural Engineers in Boston, MA

MD- Baltimore, Structural Engineer PE
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer 
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
MO- St. Louis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
NC- Raleigh, Civil/Structural Engineer
OR-Portland, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/SE
TX- Austin, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE II
TX- Houston, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
WA- Vancouver, Civil/Structural Engineer PE

United Kindom

UK- London, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK- London, Structural Failure Analysis Engineer
UK- Manchester, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK-Manchester, Geo-Environmental Engineer
UK- Manchester, Structural Engineer/Surveyor
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer Appraiser
UK-Manchester, Subsidence Expert Structural/Civil Engineer


United States
ID-Boise, Ceramic Engineer/Demolition Expert


ON- Windsor, Electrical Engineer P.Eng
PQ- Montreal, Electrical Engineer

United States
AL- Birmingham, Electrical Engineer PE
GA- Atlanta, Electrical Systems Analyst
IL- Chicago, Electrical Engineer
MA- Boston, Data Services & Equipment Loss Consultant
NY, New York, Electrical Engineer PE
OH- Columbus, Principal Electrical Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Principal Electrical Engineer PE

United Kingdom & Europe
Italy- Ponzano Veneto, Electrical Engineer
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- London, Principal Electrical Engineer PE


Singapore, Electrical Engineer & Managing Director
New Zealand- Auckland, Equipment Loss Consultant & Disaster Recovery Specialist

GA- Atlanta, Environmental Engineer PE

Fire Protection
AZ- Phoenix, Fire Investigator
GA,-Atlanta, Fire Investigator
IL- Chicago, Fire Protection Engineer/Investigator PE
MI- Detroit, FIre Investigator
NM- Albuquerque, Fire Investigator
WI- Milwaukee, Fire Investigator

AZ- Scottsdale, Computer Forensics Consultant
IL- Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/IT Network & Equipment Specialist
IL-Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/ Computer Hardware Specialist
OH- Columbus, Hardware/Software Failure Analyst

IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser
WA-Seattle, Industrial Equipment Specialist

Materials Science
GA- Atlanta, Metallurgist & Materials Engineer
IL-Chicago, Metallurgical Engineer
MN- Minneapolis, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer



Canada- Ontario, Mechanical Engineer
Canada- British Columbia, Mechanical Turbine Expert

United States
CA- Sacramento, Plumbing Engineer
FL- Tampa, Mechanical Engineer
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Engineer & Turbine Expert
IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Fire Protection Engineer PE 
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
IL- Chicago Mechanical Engineer PE,MBA, CEM
IL-Chicago, Mechanical Engineer PE
LA- Lafayette, Mechanical Engineer
MD, Baltimore, Mechanical Engineer PE
MD- Annapolis, Mechanical Engineer
NY- Rochester, Mechanical Engineer PE
OH-Columbus,  Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical Engineer Ph.D.
OH-Columbus, Mechanical Engineer/Tire Expert
OH- Dayton, Mechanical Engineer 
OR- Portland, Mechanical Engineer PE/Automotive Expert
TX- Houston, Mechanical Turbine/Generator Engineer
VA- Richmond, Mechanical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser

United Kindom & Europe
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer/Sustainable Design Expert


Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist

Latin America
Mexico-Moreles, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert

CA- San Francisco, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Consultant

CT- Hartford, Wine Appraisal Expert Consultant
NC- Raleigh, Forensic Ink Expert
NY, New York, Piano Appraisal Expert
OH- Columbus, Architect Expert Consultant

LA- Lafayette Petroleum Engineer
LA - Shreveport Petroleum & Civil Engineer, PE
TX- Houston, Petroleum Engineer PE

CT, Hartford, OSHA Safety Expert
IL-Champaign, Forensic Safety/Environmental Expert
IL-Chicago, Elevator Expert/Safety Engineer
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer

MI-Detroit, OSHA & Safety Expert
OH-Toledo, OSHA & Safety Expert

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

United States
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
IL-Chicago, ACTAR Vehcile Accident Reconstrucionist
MD- Baltimore, Accident Reconstruction Expert
NV- Las Vegas, Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
PA, Philadelphia, Traffic Accident Reconstuctionist
PA, Philadelphia, Mechanical Engineer PE/ Accident Reconstrucionist

Asia Pacific
Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist