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Mechanical Professional Engineer (PE) & Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Consultant in Singapore

Expert Specialties

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

Mechanical Failure Analysis

Fire Investigation

Flood Damage Assessment

Design/modification assessment


Professional Certifications

Certified ACTAR
Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist

Institute of Motor Safety

Chartered Institute of Transport

Registered Professional Engineer (UK, Singapore, Australia)

LWG Expert Advantage

  • 30+ years in automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Successfully conducted hundreds of traffic accident investigations and reconstructions
  • Experienced expert witness
  • Over 8 years of experience developing mechanical engineering fire protection, safety and security procedures



BSc Hons, Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

Legal & Insurance Claims Experience

Over 40 years of expert consulting, with experience: 
  • Investigating the Cause & Origin of Mechanical and Manufacturing equipment faiulres
  • Providing expert evaluation and investigations in cases involving automotive/construction vehicle accidents, premises liability and personal injury
  • Insurance claim subrogation and liability apportionment


Professional Profile

2011–Present,  Senior Forensic Consultant, LWG Consulting 
2001-2009, Mechanical Project Specialist, Leading Private Institution


Representative Project List

  • Fatal traffice accident involving a truck and motorcar, where passenger in motorcar was high-profile
  • Hit-and-run fatal traffic accident involving a motorcar and a pedestrian
  • Fatal industrial accident involving heavy truck occurring during automotive repair process


Professional Organizations

Institution of Engineers, Singapore - member
Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK- member
Institute of Road Transport Engineers, UK
Society of Accident Reconstruction, USA
National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction, USA


LWG Experts by Specialty

CA- Los Angeles, Automotive Engineer AE/ASE/CFEI/CVFI
GA-Atlanta, Military Automotive Industrial Expert
OH-Columbus, Automotive Tire Expert

MD- Baltimore, Aviation Expert/Electro-Mechanical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert

IA- Des Moines, Forensic Chemist 
IL-Chicago Chemical Engineer

NJ- Newark, Chemical Engineer
NY- Rochester, Chemical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Chemical Engineer


United States

AZ- Phoenix, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- Los Angeles, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil Engineer PE/ Corrosion Expert
CT- Hartford, Roofing Expert
FL- Tampa, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/ M.B.A
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Environmental Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer
GA- Atlanta, Structural Engineer PE/MASCE
GA- Atlanta Civil/Structural PE Engineer
GA-Atlanta, Structural/Civil PE Engineer
IL- Chicago, Earthquake Engineer Ph.D.
IN-Indianapolis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
Civil and Structural Engineers in Boston, MA

MD- Baltimore, Structural Engineer PE
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer 
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
MO- St. Louis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
NC- Raleigh, Civil/Structural Engineer
OR-Portland, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/SE
TX- Austin, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE II
TX- Houston, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
WA- Vancouver, Civil/Structural Engineer PE

United Kindom

UK- London, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK- London, Structural Failure Analysis Engineer
UK- Manchester, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK-Manchester, Geo-Environmental Engineer
UK- Manchester, Structural Engineer/Surveyor
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer Appraiser
UK-Manchester, Subsidence Expert Structural/Civil Engineer


United States
ID-Boise, Ceramic Engineer/Demolition Expert


ON- Windsor, Electrical Engineer P.Eng
PQ- Montreal, Electrical Engineer

United States
AL- Birmingham, Electrical Engineer PE
GA- Atlanta, Electrical Systems Analyst
IL- Chicago, Electrical Engineer
MA- Boston, Data Services & Equipment Loss Consultant
NY, New York, Electrical Engineer PE
OH- Columbus, Principal Electrical Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Principal Electrical Engineer PE

United Kingdom & Europe
Italy- Ponzano Veneto, Electrical Engineer
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- London, Principal Electrical Engineer PE


Singapore, Electrical Engineer & Managing Director
New Zealand- Auckland, Equipment Loss Consultant & Disaster Recovery Specialist

GA- Atlanta, Environmental Engineer PE

Fire Protection
AZ- Phoenix, Fire Investigator
GA,-Atlanta, Fire Investigator
IL- Chicago, Fire Protection Engineer/Investigator PE
MI- Detroit, FIre Investigator
NM- Albuquerque, Fire Investigator
WI- Milwaukee, Fire Investigator

AZ- Scottsdale, Computer Forensics Consultant
IL- Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/IT Network & Equipment Specialist
IL-Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/ Computer Hardware Specialist
OH- Columbus, Hardware/Software Failure Analyst

IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser
WA-Seattle, Industrial Equipment Specialist

Materials Science
GA- Atlanta, Metallurgist & Materials Engineer
IL-Chicago, Metallurgical Engineer
MN- Minneapolis, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer



Canada- Ontario, Mechanical Engineer
Canada- British Columbia, Mechanical Turbine Expert

United States
CA- Sacramento, Plumbing Engineer
FL- Tampa, Mechanical Engineer
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Engineer & Turbine Expert
IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Fire Protection Engineer PE 
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
IL- Chicago Mechanical Engineer PE,MBA, CEM
IL-Chicago, Mechanical Engineer PE
LA- Lafayette, Mechanical Engineer
MD, Baltimore, Mechanical Engineer PE
MD- Annapolis, Mechanical Engineer
NY- Rochester, Mechanical Engineer PE
OH-Columbus,  Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical Engineer Ph.D.
OH-Columbus, Mechanical Engineer/Tire Expert
OH- Dayton, Mechanical Engineer 
OR- Portland, Mechanical Engineer PE/Automotive Expert
TX- Houston, Mechanical Turbine/Generator Engineer
VA- Richmond, Mechanical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser

United Kindom & Europe
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer/Sustainable Design Expert


Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist

Latin America
Mexico-Moreles, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert

CA- San Francisco, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Consultant

CT- Hartford, Wine Appraisal Expert Consultant
NC- Raleigh, Forensic Ink Expert
NY, New York, Piano Appraisal Expert
OH- Columbus, Architect Expert Consultant

LA- Lafayette Petroleum Engineer
LA - Shreveport Petroleum & Civil Engineer, PE
TX- Houston, Petroleum Engineer PE

CT, Hartford, OSHA Safety Expert
IL-Champaign, Forensic Safety/Environmental Expert
IL-Chicago, Elevator Expert/Safety Engineer
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer

MI-Detroit, OSHA & Safety Expert
OH-Toledo, OSHA & Safety Expert

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

United States
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
IL-Chicago, ACTAR Vehcile Accident Reconstrucionist
MD- Baltimore, Accident Reconstruction Expert
NV- Las Vegas, Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
PA, Philadelphia, Traffic Accident Reconstuctionist
PA, Philadelphia, Mechanical Engineer PE/ Accident Reconstrucionist

Asia Pacific
Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist