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Mechanical Professional Engineer (PE) & Consultant in Dayton, Ohio

Expert Specialties

Building Design/Construction

HVAC/Plumbing Systems

Boilers and Piping Systems

Hazardous Chemical Systems

Water/Wastewater Systems

Refrigeration, Natural Gas and Piping Systems

Chlor-Alkali Systems

Emission Controls Systems

Combustion Systems

Carbon Monoxide Control

Codes and Standards

OSHA Compliance/Safety

Fire/Explosion Analysis

Structural Failures

Professional Certifications

Professional Engineer (P.E.)

New Jersey

LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP BD+C)

LWG Expert Advantage

  • Over 30 years of experience in construction & process design, with particular expertise in failure analysis & accident cause/origin.
  • Expertise in carbon monoxide poisoning, ventilation & air pollution.
  • Construction claims involving structural issues, Fire & Explosion/ Structural Collapses as well as code compliance.
  • HVAC & Plumbing System failures including boilers/pressure piping.



Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering – 1975 – University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering – 1976 – University of Dayton, Dayton, OH


Professional Profile

Practicing Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, and consultant, with 30 years of experience in the responsible charge of planning, designing and constructing facilities for manufacturing, commercial, chemical and heavy industrial use.

Experience as a design principal and project executive includes project development, facility sitting and design, building/process design and construction, code compliance, high pressure piping and vessels, energy and utility systems, ventilation, air pollution control, HVAC, structural engineering, and bulk material handling. These activities have involved all phases of conceptual planning, design engineering and procurement, construction and erection, safety and OSHA compliance.
In addition to his direct engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) background,
maintains expertise in complex systems and equipment failure analysis, accident reconstruction, process hazard and risk assessment, thermal and stress analysis, fire and explosion investigation and construction claims consulting. His investigations include boiler,
piping and pressure vessel failures and explosions, structural failures and collapses, and equipment fires and explosions.


Testimony Experience

  1. Donna Davis, Administratrix of the Estate of Charles M. Davis v. Phoenix Erectors, Inc, Granville County and Davis, Martin, Powell & Associates, Inc., State of North Carolina, County of Granville, Case No. 04-CVS-563, 2005 – Deposition as Plaintiff’s Expert
  2. Exxon Mobil Corporation v. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co, Ltd., and Fluor Daniel, A Division of Fluor Enterprises, Inc., District Court of Harris County, Texas, 280th -Judicial District, Cause No. 2004 -18011, 2006 – Deposition as Defendant’s Expert
  3. Anselmo Beltran, an Independent Administrator of the Estate of Marcos Bustamante (a.k.a. Mario Menchaca) v. Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, Cherry-Burrell Food Equipment, Cherry-Burrell, Process Equipment, Cherry-Burrell Fluid Handling, Waukesha Fluid Handling, Waukesha Pumps, Superior Stainless and Andco Votator, Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois, Case No. 02-L-6339-D, 2006 – Deposition as Plaintiff’s Expert
  4. William Harris Asher, et al. v. Unarco Material Handling, Inc. and Atlas Material Handling, Inc, and RCI Rack Conveyor Installation, Inc, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, Civil Action No. 0:06-CV-548-DCR, 2008 – Deposition as Defendant’s Expert
  5. Sandi Neace, as Administrator and Personal Representative of the Estate of Matthew Collins, et al. v. United Group Services, LLC, Maxim Crane, LLC, et al. United States District Court for the Easter Region of Kentucky, Central Division – Frankfort, Case No. 3:07-CV-00038-KKC, 2009 – Deposition as Defendant’s Expert
  6. Michael Ray Woodyard v. Stephen’s Manufacturing Co., Inc and John Doe Defendants, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Grant County Circuit Court, Civil Action NO. 07-CI-515, 2009/2010 – Deposition as Plaintiff’s Expert
  7. American Guarantee and Liability Insurance Company v. Shook National Corporation, et al, Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, Ohio, Case No. 2009 CV 02275, 2010 – Deposition as Defendant’s Expert
  8. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v. Chimney Wizard, LLC, Court of Common Pleas, Geauga County, Ohio, Case No. 09P000122, 2010 – Deposition as Plaintiff’s Expert
  9. Demand for Arbitration Between Trans Carolina Products, LLC (Claimant) and BE&K Construction Company (Respondent) Regarding Chlor-Alkali Plant in Hamlet, North Carolina, American Arbitration Association, 2010 – Deposition as Claimant’s Expert
  10. Theodore H. Knight, et al. v. The Procter & Gamble Company, Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio, Case No. A0908155, 2010


Representative Project List

  • Principal engineer for 750 PSIG, 1100F, 20,000 SCFM process air supply piping system, USAF, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH.
  • Project executive for plant-wide office/corporate facilities design & construction, General Motors Corporation, Delco Products Division, Dayton, OH, including boilers, chillers, electroplating and hazardous chemical handling, and process heating systems systems.
  • Project engineer for various plant-wide upgrades to utility services for USDOE Mound Laboratories, Miamisburg, OH, including new 85,000 #/hr gas boiler, 1000 ton centrifugal chiller, 600 CFM breathing air system and facility-wide condensate handling systems.
  • Principal consulting engineer for evaluation of Slab Re-Heat Furnace burner safety upgrades, K Steel Corporation, Middletown Works, Middletown, OH
  • Project executive and principal engineer for the design and construction of 100,000 pound/day-chlorine bleach manufacturing plant with 360 tons of chlorine gas storage, Miami Products and Chemicals, Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design and construction of a 2000 ton (refrigeration), central plant, ammonia refrigeration system, Freshway Foods, Inc., Sidney, OH
  • Project executive and principal engineer for the design of a bio-solids, rotary lime kiln, thermal oxidation plant, Butler County Division of Solid Waste Management, Butler County, OH
  • Principal engineer for upgrades to 450,000,000 BTUH, 2900F cement kiln natural gas burners, piping system and process control system, CEMEX, Inc., Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for upgrades to cement kiln air pre-heater system, including piping and controls, CEMEX, Inc., Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design and erection of feeders, conveyors and 70’ tall storage silos for slag handling and cement kiln-feeding system, CEMEX Inc., Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design and erection of emergency structural repairs to 65’ tall cement storage hopper containing 280,000 lbs of cement product, CEMEX, Inc. Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for upgrades to 100,000 CFM, cement clinker and fines dust collection system, including multi-level structural repairs to the 120’ tall kiln tower, CEMEX Inc., Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for emergency structural repairs to 10’ diameter, 65’ tall, cement kiln process exhaust stack, CEMEX, Inc., Fairborn, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design of a methane/steam hydrogen reforming and catalytic NOx absorption emission control system for a 10 MW gas turbine/cogeneration installation, Wyeth Biopharma, Andover, MA
  • Principal engineer for the design of a methane/steam hydrogen reforming and catalytic NOx absorption emission control system for a 50 MW gas turbine/cogeneration installation, Redding Electric Utility/EmerChem, Redding, CA
  • Principal consultant for the design and construction of a waste oil-to-biodiesel/glycerin refinery, Jatro Diesel, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
  • Principal engineer for the development of a high temperature, hydrogen annealing safety procedures and documentation program, Brite Gas Annealing, AK Steel Corporation, Middletown Works, Middletown, OH
  • Project Executive for plant design/construction and plastic extruder systems design/installation and erection of bulk storage and handling facilities, Advanced Composites, Inc. (Mitsui Plastics, Inc), Sidney, OH
  • Principal consultant for the design of a soy bean oil-to-biodiesel/glycerin manufacturing facility, CTS Energy, London, OH
  • Project Executive and principal engineer for the design and construction of a $60MM sodium erythorbate chemical production plant, Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals, Peoria, IL
  • Project Executive for plant and process design, construction and erection activities for a hydrogen cyanide (HCN) heat-treating facility, Nihon Parkerizing, Inc (Trutec USA), Springfield, OH
  • Principal engineer for a 350,000 CFM selective catalytic reduction (SCR) control system for the treatment of NOx in quartz processing air emissions, including erection design of 75’ tall exhaust stack, General Electric Quartz, Durr Environmental, Newark, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design of a selective catalytic reduction/NOx emission control system for a petrochemical processing facility, Sam Nam Petrochemical (Engelhard Corp), Seoul, Korea
  • Principal engineer for the design of a calciner high temperature catalytic thermal oxidizer system, and related plant utilities, for a specialty chemical manufacturer, Mobil Chemical Company (Engelhard Corp), Beaumont, TX
  • Principal engineer for the design and erection of modifications to the 110’ tall catalytic CO emission control reactor frame for the 240 MW Crockett Cogeneration Facility, Engelhard Corp., Crockett, CA
  • Principal engineer for the design and erection of a 110’ tall, catalytic reactor frame, 500 MW primary power generation facility, Arizona Public Power (EmeraChem, LLC), Phoenix, AZ
  • Principal engineer for structural and process upgrades to styrene monomer reactor system, piping and controls, Deltech Polymers, Inc., Troy, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design and construction of a 120,000 gallon above ground, Class 1B flammable solvent storage tank facility with piping, controls and secondary containment, Textileather, Inc., Toledo, OH
  • Principal engineer for boiler plant/building upgrades to 22 school buildings, Dayton Public School System, Dayton, OH
  • Project executive for the design and construction of a 600,000 SF automotive fasteners plant, Indiana Automotive Fasteners, Greenfield, IN
  • Principal engineer for 15,000 CFM fumed silica/carbon black powder mixing and blending system, General Motors Corporation, Dayton, OH
  • Principal engineer for 40,000 CFM asbestos and talc dust collection systems, Lear Automotive, Danville, KY.
  • Principal engineer for the design and erection of a 140’ tall, 8’ diameter exhaust stack for a foundry dust collection system, Ravenna Foundry, Ravenna, OH
  • Principal engineer for the design of a 75’ high foundry dust-collection system enclosure for a large vacuum casting process, A&B Foundry, Inc, Franklin, OH
  • Principal consulting engineer, design and construction of beverage waste, biological wastewater treatment facilities, Pepsi, Inc., Russia, China, Rumania, United States
  • Principal engineering consultant for hazardous liquid piping safety and related systems risk assessments, new manufacturing facility, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, West Chester, OH.


Continuing Professional Education

• International Building Code
• International Mechanical Code
• Ohio Building Code
• Ohio Fire Code
• Chemical Plant Safety
• Construction Contracts and Claims
• Soils Engineering
• LEED/Sustainable Design
• Alternative Power Systems
• Industrial Ventilation
• Air Pollution Control
• OSHA Industry and Construction Standards
• NFPA Standards
• ASHRAE Standards
• ASME/API Standards

RL: EBa2010830

LWG Experts by Specialty

CA- Los Angeles, Automotive Engineer AE/ASE/CFEI/CVFI
GA-Atlanta, Military Automotive Industrial Expert
OH-Columbus, Automotive Tire Expert

MD- Baltimore, Aviation Expert/Electro-Mechanical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert
FL- Jacksonville, Scientific Biological Expert

IA- Des Moines, Forensic Chemist 
IL-Chicago Chemical Engineer
NJ- Newark, Chemical Engineer
NY- Rochester, Chemical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Chemical Engineer
WI-Milwaukee, Chemical Process Engineer/Battery Expert


United States
AR- Little Rock, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
AZ- Phoenix, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- Los Angeles, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
CA- San Francisco, Civil Engineer PE/ Corrosion Expert
CT- Hartford, Roofing Expert
FL- Tampa, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/ M.B.A
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Environmental Engineer PE
FL- Fort Lauderdale, Civil/Structural Engineer
GA- Atlanta, Structural Engineer PE/MASCE
GA- Atlanta Civil/Structural PE Engineer
GA-Atlanta, Structural/Civil PE Engineer
IL- Chicago, Earthquake Engineer Ph.D.
IL-Chicago, Civil/Structural Geotechnical PE
IN-Indianapolis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
Civil and Structural Engineers in Boston, MA
MA- Boston, Civil/Structural Engineer
MA- Boston, Civil Engineer PE
MD- Baltimore, Structural Engineer PE
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer 
MI- Detroit, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
MO- St. Louis, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
NC- Raleigh, Civil/Structural Engineer
OR-Portland, Civil/Structural Engineer PE/SE
TX- Austin, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
TX- Dallas, Civil/Structural Engineer PE II
TX- Houston, Civil/Structural Engineer PE
WA- Vancouver, Civil/Structural Engineer PE

United Kindom

UK- London, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK- London, Structural Failure Analysis Engineer
UK- Manchester, Civil/Structural Engineer
UK-Manchester, Geo-Environmental Engineer
UK- Manchester, Structural Engineer/Surveyor
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer
UK-Manchester, Structural/Civil Engineer Appraiser
UK-Manchester, Subsidence Expert Structural/Civil Engineer


United States
ID-Boise, Ceramic Engineer/Demolition Expert


ON- Windsor, Electrical Engineer P.Eng
PQ- Montreal, Electrical Engineer

United States
AL- Birmingham, Electrical Engineer PE
GA- Atlanta, Electrical Systems Analyst
IL- Chicago, Electrical Engineer
MA- Boston, Data Services & Equipment Loss Consultant
NY, New York, Electrical Engineer PE
OH- Columbus, Principal Electrical Engineer PE
PA- Philadelphia, Electronic Systems Expert
TX- Dallas, Principal Electrical Engineer PE

United Kingdom & Europe
Italy- Ponzano Veneto, Electrical Engineer
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- London, Principal Electrical Engineer PE


Singapore, Electrical Engineer & Managing Director
New Zealand- Auckland, Equipment Loss Consultant & Disaster Recovery Specialist


GA- Atlanta, Environmental Engineer PE

Fire Protection
AZ- Phoenix, Fire Investigator
GA,-Atlanta, Fire Investigator
IL- Chicago, Fire Protection Engineer/Investigator PE
MI- Detroit, FIre Investigator
NM- Albuquerque, Fire Investigator
WI- Milwaukee, Fire Investigator

AZ- Scottsdale, Computer Forensics Consultant
IL- Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/IT Network & Equipment Specialist
IL-Chicago, Computer Forensic Examiner/ Computer Hardware Specialist
OH- Columbus, Hardware/Software Failure Analyst


IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser
WA-Seattle, Industrial Equipment Specialist

Materials Science
GA- Atlanta, Metallurgist & Materials Engineer
IL-Chicago, Metallurgical Engineer
MN- Minneapolis, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer



Canada- Ontario, Mechanical Engineer
Canada- British Columbia, Mechanical Turbine Expert

United States
CA- Sacramento, Plumbing Engineer
FL- Tampa, Mechanical Engineer
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
GA- Atlanta, Mechanical Engineer PE
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Engineer & Turbine Expert
IL- Chicago, Mechanical & Fire Protection Engineer PE 
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
IL- Chicago Mechanical Engineer PE,MBA, CEM
IL-Chicago, Mechanical Engineer PE
IL- Chicago, Biomechanical/Structural Engineer PE
LA- Lafayette, Mechanical Engineer
MD, Baltimore, Mechanical Engineer PE
MD- Annapolis, Mechanical Engineer
MI- Detroit, Mechanical Engineer PE
NY- Rochester, Mechanical Engineer PE
OH-Columbus,  Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical Engineer Ph.D.
OH-Columbus, Mechanical Engineer/Tire Expert
OH- Dayton, Mechanical Engineer 
OR- Portland, Mechanical Engineer PE/Automotive Expert
TX- Houston, Mechanical Turbine/Generator Engineer
VA- Richmond, Mechanical Engineer
WA- Spokane, Machinery Appraiser

United Kindom & Europe
Italy- Ponzano Veneto, Mechanical Engineer
UK- Kent, Mechanical/Electrical Systems Expert
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer
UK- Manchester, Mechanical Engineer/Sustainable Design Expert


Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist

Latin America
Mexico-Moreles, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer PE

IL-Chicago, Medical Equipment & Device Expert

CA- San Francisco, Metallurgical Engineer
OH- Columbus, Mechanical/Metallurgical Consultant

CT- Hartford, Wine Appraisal Expert Consultant
NC- Raleigh, Forensic Ink Expert
NY, New York, Piano Appraisal Expert
OH- Columbus, Architect Expert Consultant

LA- Lafayette Petroleum Engineer
LA - Shreveport Petroleum & Civil Engineer, PE
TX- Houston, Petroleum Engineer PE

CT, Hartford, OSHA Safety Expert
IL-Chicago, Elevator Expert/Safety Engineer
IL-Chicago, Mechanical & Safety Engineer
MI-Detroit, OSHA & Safety Expert
OH-Toledo, OSHA & Safety Expert

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

United States
GA- Atlanta, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist
IL-Chicago, ACTAR Vehcile Accident Reconstrucionist
MD- Baltimore, Accident Reconstruction Expert
NV- Las Vegas, Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
PA, Philadelphia, Traffic Accident Reconstuctionist
PA, Philadelphia, Mechanical Engineer PE/ Accident Reconstrucionist

Asia Pacific
Singapore, Sr. Mechanical Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist