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LWG’s Electronic Discovery Professionals assist Law Firms, Insurance Companies and Corporations to establish defensible and systematic approaches for handling electronic discovery matters in efforts to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with managing litigation involving large amounts of electronic data.

Ediscovery is a complex process governed by Federal and State rules, involving many parties, as well as deadlines that can all lead to very high costs if mismanaged. A majority of the expense from electronic discovery stems from large data sets that need to be reviewed. The simple truth is that the more data you come to the table with, the longer and more costly it will be to sift through that data.

Effective e-discovery of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) means using clearly defined, easily repeatable processes that allow for consistent handling of each and every matter in a effective and efficient manner. These processes help reduce the amount of data collected, processed and reviewed, thus reducing the overall costs for the matter.

Integrating deep knowledge of the litigation process with powerful computer processing and forensic skills,LWG experts help you navigate the complexities and uncertainties that arise in every step of the ligation process, starting from initial assessment through expert courtroom testimony of our methods and procedures.

Whether responding to a current complaint, or preparing for the next, we have an ediscovery solution to fit your needs. Please call +1 (800) 326-5075 to speak with a LWG expert regarding our eDiscovery support services.